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Nerve: Exp Gain: Money Gain: Exp/Nerve: Money/Nerve:
4 160 300Icon - Gold 40 75Icon - Gold
Success Text:
An open window on the side of a dark house calls you in the night. You see a gleaming object in the moonlight on the table so you make your way over to the house. You climb through the open window to discover a shiny silver platter. You snatch the platter and dive out of the window into some hay.
Fail Text:
You see a shiny object gleaming in the moonlight through an open window. You stalk up to the house and slip into the open window but youre so drunk your boot gets caught on the window and it shatters. You hear heavy footsteps coming down the stairs but you are greedy and need more rum so you try to snatch the shiney object. When you get closer you realize its just a bucket of water! Right when you realize your folly a giant fat man takes a swing at you! You dodge the blow and dive out of the window into some hay. The fat man dives out after you but gets stuck in the window and you scurry back into the shadows.